To provide you with one of the most unique paint mixtures on the market. A truly hand-made mixture with a consistency developed to give smooth, perfect drips or high coverage, clean lines without drips. We offer open flow markers to give writers and artists the complete freedom to apply as much or as little paint to the surface as they want.

Junobo began like any other paint or ink mixture: from the need for a great looking marker tag and through lots of trial and error. I started writing with the mixture everywhere in Philadelphia, PA and soon other writers began to notice. They would ask "What ink is that?" or "Where can i get some?" Soon, people started offering to purchase a bottle or mop filled with my paint mixture. Before I knew it, I began to make larger batches. I decided to take the mix worldwide and give it a unique name, and the rest is history. Now, I get the same satisfaction of seeing my name up when I see another person using Junobo. This is one of the greatest motivations behind keeping this company moving.

The base I found, with the help of some secret additives, has actually been guaranteed to withstand fading for 10 years outside. There have been many imitators and companies trying to match the Junobo Mop Paint image and style with little or no success. Some even go as far as to match the colors and refill/marker molds we use. We believe to have started the colored mop trend on the market. Larger companies try to mass produce similar products which have poor quality. Our paints are still hand mixed by the same person who invented it, one gallon at a time. Mixed, bottled, designed and labeled by one person. This guarantees the same consistency and quality with each use.